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  • Introduction
  • Undergraduate Degree
    and Teaching

  • Certification for
    Candidates Who Have
    Completed a
    Bachelor's Degree

  • Admission to Teacher

  • Field-Based Teacher

  • Application for
    Graduation and/or
  • Elementary and
    Middle school

  • Secondary School

  • All-Levels

  • Endorsements


  • Educational
    Leadership and

  • Educational
    Psychology and
    Special Services

  • Teacher Education

    Dr. Arturo Pacheco, Dean
    Dr. Thomas A. Wood, Associate Dean
    Dr. Josefina Tinajero, Assistant Dean
    Education Bldg,
    Room 414
    Phone: (915) 747-5572
    Fax: (915) 747-5755

  • Introduction

    The mission of the College of Education is to prepare effective Teachers, counselors, diagnosticians, and school administrators, who successfully address the problems of schools and other youth serving agencies, especially in communities with a significant Hispanic population. In order to support this mission, the faculty of the College strives to demonstrate by example the quality of teaching expected of its graduates, engages in research and scholarly activities, and provides educational services to the schools and community.

    At the undergraduate level, the College offers Programs aimed at providing qualified students an opportunity to attain the knowledge, values, and skills needed to enter the teaching profession and to receive an initial Texas teaching certificate. At the graduate level, the College offers Master's degrees in the areas of instruction, school supervision, educational administration, school counseling, community counseling, educational diagnostician, and special education. In addition to these graduate degree Programs, the College offers graduate level courses leading to advanced Texas certification in administration, supervision, counseling, and various teaching specialties. (For information about graduate Programs in Education, please see the University's Graduate Studies Catalog.)

    The College maintains close ties with the practicing teaching profession through the local Center for Professional Development and Teaching (CPDT). Teacher PreparationPrograms of the University are collaboratively governed by a board made up of university faculty and representatives from the local school districts, the Educational Regional Service Center, and El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence. The educator PreparationPrograms are approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and are accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Candidates who successfully complete a certification Program are recommended to receive Teacher certification in the State of Texas.

    Professional certification Programs in the College of Education are offered in early childhood; bilingual education; reading education; elementary, secondary, and all-level education; counseling; special education; educational diagnostician; and educational administration.

    Students wishing to explore teaching as a career option enroll in TED 1201 , Orientation to Education. In this course, information concerning the teaching profession is presented, and students have an opportunity to discuss career issues with Education faculty and public school practitioners.

    The Education Student Services Office is located in Education 412. Staffed with faculty advisors, this office provides information about undergraduate degrees, certification, and transfer work.

    The College administrative offices are located on the fourth floor of the Education Building. Program and faculty offices are located on the third through eighth floors.

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