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    Grade Appeals
    A student may challenge his/ her grade as determined by a member of the faculty of the University during or within one year after the end of any credit course, qualifying or comprehensive examination, for which the student has been enrolled. A challenge to a grade may be pursued only on the basis of malice, bias, arbitrary or capricious grade determination, or impermissible discrimination. In no event shall a challenge be pursued on the basis of the standards employed in setting grades, so long as those standards are employed impartially. The student should first attempt to resolve the question through consultation with the faculty member who assigned the grade. The student should then attempt to resolve the question through consultation with the administrator(s) to whom the faculty member reports. Having failed to resolve the matter after consultation with both the faculty member and her/his supervisors, the student may consult with and/or file a challenge with the Chairperson of the Student Welfare and Grievance Committee. Contact the Dean of Students for specific information.

    Non-Academic Grievances
    Non-academic grievances of policies and procedures of university departments, related to matters other than discrimination, such as the application or interpretation of student policies must be initiated by making an effort to resolve the matter with the individual involved in the interpretation or decision. If the matter is not resolved, it must be submitted in writing to the appropriate director, chair, or department head within 10 working days of the questioned decision or interpretation. Grievances not satisfactorily resolved within 10 working days of that appeal may then be submitted to the appropriate Vice President. Disputes not satisfactorily resolved within 15 working days at this level may finally be appealed to the President.

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