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  • General Regulations
  • Student Grievance
  • Discrimination
  • Student Educational

  • General Regulations

    1.- Authority
    2.- Student Conduct
    3.- Illegal Substances Policy
    4.- Policy on Disruptive Acts
    5.- Solicitation
    6.- Campus Facilities
    7.- Policy on Hazing
    8.- Other Prohibited Conduct
    9.- Penalties Which May Result
    10.- General Debts of Students or Organizations
    11.- Debts Owed to the University
    12.- Returned Checks
    13.- Immunization Requirement
    14.- Policy on AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B Infection
    15.- Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act

    9.- Penalties Which May Result

    Penalties may be imposed in conjunction with the approved disciplinary procedures include the following: admonition, disciplinary probation, withholding of grades, withholding of official transcript or degree, restitution, failing grade, denial of degree, suspension and expulsion, or revocation of degree and withdrawal of diploma, or other penalty as deemed appropriate under the circumstances. In addition, certain privileges may be withdrawn consistent with the severity of the offense and the rehabilitation of the student. These penalties may be imposed singularly or in any combination upon individuals, groups, or organizations.


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