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    All undergraduates of The University of Texas at El Paso are required to complete a 42-credit core curriculum before receiving a baccalaureate degree. For degree plans that terminate with a post-baccalaureate degree without offering the baccalaureate degree, undergraduates are required to complete the core curriculum before enrolling in graduate-level courses.

    Components and Courses of the Core Curriculum
    The core curriculum consists of nine components. Each component has a required minimum number of semester hours of credit. The minimum number is also the maximum number that may be applied toward the core curriculum requirement. Any additional credits will apply toward degree requirements. The courses that may be used to satisfy the component requirements are listed with their Texas Common Course Number (TCCN: level-credit-identifying digits) in brackets. The core curriculum requirement does not preclude the counting of core curriculum courses toward other degree requirements. Students are advised to consult particular degree requirements for their major before selecting courses to meet core curriculum requirements.

    "C" Rule
    All courses used to satisfy the core curriculum must be completed with a 'C' or better. This applies also to transferred courses.

    Transfer Students
    Students who transfer without completing the core curriculum at another Texas institution of higher learning shall receive academic credit in UTEP's core curriculum for each of the courses that the student has successfully ('C' or better) completed in the core curriculum of the sending institution. If a student has successfully ('C' or better) completed the 42-hour core at another Texas institution of higher education, that block of courses shall be substituted for The University of Texas at El Paso's core curriculum. Such a student shall receive academic credit for each of the sending institution's core curriculum courses transferred and may not be required to take additional courses to satisfy UTEP's core curriculum. However, courses listed in UTEP's core curriculum may be required by the degree plan or as a prerequisite to a course.


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