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    1. Visual and Performing Arts (three credits) The objective of the visual and performing arts component is to expand students' knowledge of the human condition and human cultures, especially in relation to behaviors, ideas, and values expressed in works of human imagination. Through study in disciplines of the visual and performing arts, students will form aesthetic judgments and develop an appreciation of the arts as fundamental to the health and survival of any society. A minimum of 3 credits selected from the following:
      1. ART 1300 Art Appreciation [ARTS 1301]
      2. ARTH 1305 Art History of the Western World I [ARTS 1303]
      3. ARTH 1306 Art History of the Western World II [ARTS 1304]
      4. MUSL 1221 Introduction to Music Literature I [MUSI 1208] and
        MUSL 1222 Introduction to Music Literature II [MUSI 1209]
      5. MUSL 1324 Music in Western Societies [MUSI 1306]
      6. MUSL 1327 Jazz to Rock [MUSI 1310]
      7. THEA 1313 Introduction to Theatre [DRAM 1310]
      8. THEA 2390 Introduction to the Art of the Motion Picture [DRAM 2366]


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