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  • Nursing
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  • Dr. Patricia Castiglia, Dean
    Dr. Gail Ackall, Associate Dean
    Connie Gamboa, Assistant Dean

    1101 N. Campbell
    Phone: (915) 747-7280
    Fax: (915) 747-7207
    E-mail: chs@utep.edu

    School of Nursing

    1. Department Information
    2. General Information for Nursing Students
    3. Academic Standards
    4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    5. Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses
    6. Nursing (NURS) Courses
    7. Continuing Education Program

    Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses
    The University of Texas at El Paso offers degree options for registered nurses that allow completion of the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science in Nursing degree in accelerated programs.

    Registered nurses must submit their applications for admission, official college transcripts, and proof of licensure to the Office of Admission and Evaluation in the Academic Services Building. After the admission process has been completed, credits earned through transfer or by examination will be applied toward the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Students who are licensed registered nurses and who have acquired the body of knowledge and developed the competencies represented by certain professionally-oriented courses on the degree plan will not be required to take them. Courses for which credit has not been allowed through one of the methods mentioned above must then be taken to earn the degree.

    Information on the lower-division and upper-division courses needed to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can be obtained from the School of Nursing or from the Office of Admission. Information on the Master of Science in Nursing degree can be obtained from the Graduate School, 201 Administration Bldg. Students are encouraged to earn credit by examination in those lower-division courses for which they have adequate academic preparation. Contact the Student Assessment and Testing Center located in the Education Building, Room 210 (747-5009) or the College for information concerning testing policies, dates, and times.

    Challenge Examination--Registered Nurses
    In keeping with the College's stated philosophy of learning, the faculty recognizes that many potential avenues for acquisition of the knowledge, attitudes, and skills are available. The faculty believes that experiences in formal education should build on the student's present level of achievement. Therefore, the faculty subscribes to the principle of validation of the candidate's competencies and allows matriculation into the program at the demonstrated level of achievement.

    1. To petition for challenging a course, an individual must have met all prerequisite requirements.
    2. The candidate should consult the Advisor of the R.N. Programs regarding application policies and scheduling of challenge examinations.
    3. A course may not be challenged if the student was previously enrolled in that course.
    4. A candidate for challenge examinations may obtain the course materials which are available to all students enrolling in the respective course. Auditing or receiving tutoring by faculty of the School of Nursing is prohibited.
    5. A fee for a challenge examination is assessed.
    6. Courses for which a challenge examination is available may have a theoretical and a clinical component. When this occurs, both portions must be passed to receive credit.
    7. A challenge examination in any course may be attempted one time only.


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