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  • General Information
    1. University honors

    2. University Honors

  • Honors (HON)
  • Honors Contact Credit
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  • Honors Recognition at

    Honors House
    Hawthorne Street
    (Behind the Academic Services Building)
    Phone: 747-5858
    E-mail: honors@utep.edu
    DIRECTOR: Lillian F. Mayberry, Ph.D.

  • University Honors Degree

    Candidates will earn Honors in specified areas (listed below) and will complete either 6 hours of upper-division Honors courses or a 6-hour Honors Senior Project in their major. Recipients of the University Honors Degree must complete the following course requirements:
    ENGL 1311-1312 At least 3 hours of English must be taken for Honors credit.
    Entering freshmen who place beyond ENGL 1312 will take an Honors sophomore or upper-division course.
    HIST 1301-1302 At least 3 hours of History must be taken for Honors credit.
    POLS 2310-2311 At least 3 hours of Political Science must be taken for Honors credit.

    8 hours of courses given by the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, or Physics. At least 3 hours of science must be taken for Honors credit.

    Complete 6 hours of upper-division work for Honors credit. Three of these hours may be satisfied through approved independent study.


    Complete a 6-hour Honors Senior Project (HON 4395-4396). In several departments, completion of the Honors Senior Project may also qualify the student for Departmental Honors recognition: Political Science, Psychology, History, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Geological Sciences, and Physics.

    Additional Honors credits as required to bring the total to 30 hours; the hours may be earned by enrolling in Honors sections or by contracting for Honors credit in non-Honors courses.

    With approval of a student's departmental advisor and the University Honors Program Director, a maximum of 6 of these 30 hours may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Credits obtained on this basis may be used only for elective credit or if approved by the student's academic department. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis are disregarded in determining the grade point average, thereby encouraging Honors students to enroll in a course for which they might otherwise feel inadequately prepared.

    Completion of the above requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher at the time of graduation entitles the student to receive the University Honors Degree. The notation "University Honors Degree" will be added to the permanent academic record and the diploma, and all Honors courses completed will be designated with (H).


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