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Site data for southern Nevada have been gathered from the scientific literature and from the UTEP paleobiology collections. Only sites south of 37° N latitude are included.

Each site has a brief location description, many have comments, and a list of taxa recovered from the site is given. The "Literature" does not pretend to be complete, but should be sufficient to allow the reader to access further information. The literature source for each taxon is not given here since sources are available in the taxonomic accounts.

Where the taxonomy has changed, the currently accepted names are listed. Taxa represented in the UTEP Paleobiology Collection that have either not appeared in the literature or have appeared only in lists without being attributed are indicated by the UTEP acronym.

As with other portions of this work, many sites will be updated through time; the "Updates" pages will note when significant changes occur.

Southern Nevada Sites

Amargosa Desert

Boulder City

Centennial Parkway, Las Vegas

Corn Springs

Corn Creek Packrat Midden

Detention Basin

Devil Peak

El Dorado Wash

Elephant Hill

Fenley Hunter

Flaherty Mesa #1


Gypsum Cave

Las Vegas Basin, Las Vegas NW

Las Vegas Basin, (20 mi N)

Las Vegas Wash, Big Wash

Las Vegas Wash, ESE Indian Springs

Las Vegas Wash, SSE Corn Creek Springs

Long Canyon Saddle Midden

Mercury Ridge


Pintwater Cave

Potosi Mine Cave

Potosi Mountain

Quade No. 1

Richardson's Ranch


Sheep Range

South Crest Midden

Spires SP2

Spotted Ridge

Tule Springs Region

Tule Springs 1

Tule Springs 2

Tule Springs 3

Tule Springs 4

Tule Springs 5

Tule Springs 6

Tule Springs Stein

Tule Springs Scraper

Tule Springs 2100 W Trench

Tule Springs General

Yucca Mountain


Last Update: 7 Apr 2015