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Border Region Modeling Project

The Border Region Modeling Project is an independent research unit within the Department of Economics & Finance at the University of Texas at El Paso. Headed by Dr. Tom Fullerton, the Border Region Modeling Project houses the 250-equation Borderplex Econometric Forecasting Model.

Geographic coverage provided by the model encompasses El Paso, Texas; Ciudad Juárez, México; Chihuahua City, México; and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Sectoral coverage provided by the model includes demography, employment, personal income, retail sales, residential real estate, transportation, international commerce, water consumption, and cross border manufacturing.

Short-term cyclical forecasts generated using the model are published every year during the fourth quarter. Long-term structural trend projections generated with the model are also periodically published. In addition, the Border Region Modeling Project publishes a refereed technical report research series that investigates borderplex policy and development issues.