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Paso del Norte Partnership for Education Research

The Paso del Norte Partnership for Education Research is a network of partnerships between the College of Education, K-12 school districts, and area non-profits that work together to positively affect student outcomes for the diverse communities in El Paso and Hudspeth Counties.



Our mission is to create a sustainable and highly impactful education research model for the El Paso region.


The vision of the Paso del Norte Partnership for Education Research is to expand on research that meets the needs of our area partners to positively affect student outcomes (academic, social-emotional, physiological).

Thinking Forward

The ultimate goal for the College of Education is to establish sustainable, real world and value-added research partnerships between UTEP’s College of Education and ALL of our region’s school districts. 

As the College continues to build on its research identity, the following questions will drive our collective research partnership work: 

  1. How can we build strong network relationships with our area school districts and community agencies?
  2. What are the most pressing issues or priorities for area partners in terms of student outcomes?
  3. How are the outcomes for these issues/priorities measured?
  4. What questions can we collectively generate to target these priorities?
  5. How can we ensure that research findings are available to inform educator practice and to enhance student outcomes (academic, social-emotional, physiological) across all area partner districts and agencies?