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Call for Proposals is now closed


We are looking forward to an invigorating conference for the exchange of tools, resources and knowledge to propel us in the implementation stage of our strategic plan.

We invite you submit a proposal to help bring our thematic priorities to life and to inspire those around you to engage in thoughtful conversations and strategies in what is meant to enhance your experience at UTEP while impacting the learning experience of our students.

Thematic areas

• Teaching and Learning & High Impact Practices
• Enhancing scholarship, research and creative activities
• Leadership development
• Work-life integration and self-care
• Inclusive and equitable teaching and learning practices Types of proposals
• Scholarly panel presentation (10-15 min per presentation/ 60-80 min total for panel)
• Workshop and strategy-based sessions (50-60 minutes)
• Inspirational and motivational (50-60 minutes)
• Ignite session (facilitated deliberative discussion) (50-60 minutes)

Specific areas of interest

• Integration of research, teaching and service and interdisciplinary efforts
• Leadership trajectories and opportunities
• UTEP Edge – implementation, promotion, advancement strategies
• Hyflex, hybrid and online practices
• Building strong support networks and teams
• Technology solutions and strategies
• Inclusivity, equity and diversity practices and strategies
• Effective mentorship practices
• Engaging with the community as researchers and teachers
• Learning assessment strategies
• Placemaking- the borderland context in research and teaching
• Other theme related topic

Submitting a proposal
To submit a proposal, you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Session abstract: (200 max)
    Description the purpose and content of the proposed session;
    Presenter(s)’s expertise, experience, or interest in the subject;
    How it fits into the conference theme and topics; and
    Description of any resources or tools that will be included in the session (if applicable).
  2. Session learning objectives: (50 max)
    What attendees will learn in the session

  3. Session format: (200 max)
    Description of how session will be presented and how audience members will be engaged.

  4. Conference program description: (100 max)
    Description of session as it will be listed in the program and to interest attendees in attending the session.

  5. Co-presenters – listing and information about co-presenters, if applicable.