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The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce sponsors, conducts and promotes three main objectives:
• Research in Innovation and Commerce.
• Cross-education curriculum development.
• Outreach to the regional business and entrepreneurship community.


''The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce seeks to develop the region’s economy by promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the confluence of business administration and engineering, through research, education, and collaboration. ''

El Paso Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map

The Ecosystem Map is made of multiple organizations and services that can give support to all entrepreneurs. The purpose of the El Paso Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map is to help students, alumni, faculty, and other entrepreneurs to find an organization of their interest that can allow them to learn how to start and grow their own business. The map is composed of 6 different areas involving:

  • Ideation: Collaborate with others to share, learn, build, and innovate
  • Research & Development: Increase your Education
  • Go-To-Market: Get support from Business Organizations
  • Showcasing: Search for Pitch Events & Funding for your Business
  • Validation: Grow your Business with Accelerators and Incubators
  • Proof of Concept: Learn how to start your Business with Startup Events & Training Programs

In order to navigate through the map, please click on the side arrows or just click on your area of interest. To access the website of each entrepreneurship center, click on the logo of the particular center and the map will take you to their website.


El Paso Ecosystem Map 2022 by mikeloyacenter

Entrepreneurship Resources

 Studio G

Studio G mission is to help students start and grow businesses.

Join our network of entrepreneurs and take advantage of professional advising, curricula, business relationships, and access to funding opportunities.



 The Blackstone LaunchPad network makes entrepreneurship accessible and relevant for all college students. Regardless of their background, starting point, or future plans. Leading students entrepreneurs to success by providing opportunities & resources that are centralized in entrepreneurship.

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Helping El Paso Businesses Thrive

El Paso Business Strong is here to help El Paso businesses reimagine, grow, and thrive into the future. This site is here to provide resources and helpful information to ensure your business is stronger than ever.

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Graduate Research Fellowship

The purpose of the Mike Loya Graduate Research Fellows Program (MLGRFP) is to benefit graduate students in the College of Business Administration and the College of Engineering by allowing them to form a close-knit academic group. 
  • Open to any majors from The College of Business Administration and The College of Engineering.
  • The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce provides a stipend of $15,000 to the student during a fellowship year.
  • The program will provide fellowships to students to further applied research in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation in the cross-disciplinary environment of engineering, business, and technology commercialization.





Woody L. Hunt College of Business

The Woody L. Hunt College of Business is dedicated to spurring entrepreneurship through the Mike Loya Center for Innovation & Commerce which links the Business and Engineering disciplines. The Loya Center provides faculty from both colleges with research funding and supports students in the creation of new businesses.

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College of Engineering

The MLCIC’s core objective is to bring faculty and students from business and engineering together in a learning and research environment in order to discover, develop, and deploy innovations to the world of commerce.

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Office of Technology Commercialization

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) is responsible for the efficient transfer of university discoveries to the marketplace for the benefit of society. Their mission is to help turn scientific discovery into tangibles by evaluating disclosures for its patentability and potential commercial possibilities.

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Find Us at Our New Location 

Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce: Room 320, Prospect Hall

Blackstone LaunchPad: Room 316, Prospect Hall


Maria Fernanda Fiscal,

Karla G. Ramirez,

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Phone: (915) 747-5051

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