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Information on Fees, Additional UTEP CARES Funding​

Last Updated on July 29, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Originally published July 29, 2020

By UC Staff

UTEP Communications

Please see information on fees and UTEP CARES funding:

  • The Distance Education Fee is only being assessed for those classes that were scheduled to be online prior to the pandemic and which are shown as online in the Fall 2020 course catalog. Many of these courses are associated with our fully online degree programs offered through UTEP Connect.

    For this fall semester, the University changed many of our in-person, on-campus classes to online delivery. The majority of students when surveyed requested online, remote course delivery and we were able to move over 70 percent of courses to this new format.  UTEP has waived the Distance Education Fee for the classes that were converted to remote learning due to the pandemic.

  • A list of mandatory fees for undergraduates for the 2020-21 academic year and their descriptions are available here:

  • Mandatory fees are assessed for university-related services that are available to students and are not calculated on an hourly or daily use structure. These fees are used to cover the long-term cost of offering students a variety of services, including resources such as equipment, maintenance and staffing. For this reason, mandatory fees, which are constant regardless of instructional delivery, will remain unchanged. This includes fees for the University Library and Student Health Center, which have remained accessible during the COVID-19 crisis, and the Union Building and Student Recreation Center, which we intend to open this fall.

  • Students who need financial assistance are encouraged to apply for any of the various programs available through the University such as the CARES Act and emergency loans or grants. More information is available here:

    We anticipate about $6 million in CARES Act funding will be available to eligible students this fall for financial and student support grants. More details will be available in the coming weeks.