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Marketing Student Discovers Purpose at the Better Business Bureau

Last Updated on October 01, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Originally published October 01, 2018

By Carlos Alejandro Lujan

Senior, Marketing

This summer I was lucky enough to intern at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Paso del Norte as a marketing associate. We started at the end of spring with a big event called the Torch Awards, where small and big businesses all around El Paso got together to celebrate ethics and trusted marketplace. I was in charge of creating the program for the event as well as the newspaper ads to promote it. The Torch Awards was a success, and I was part of it.

Carlos Alejandro Lujan
Carlos Alejandro Lujan

At the BBB, I have learned the basics of design and the importance of consistency and brand awareness.

I was involved in another project where I was in charge of contacting accredited businesses out of our database to invite them to be part of a social media video that I was responsible for recording, editing and posting. The response from the businesses toward the project was great, and now more companies want to take part.

My favorite part of interning at the BBB was the morning meetings. Every Monday we would get together to discuss relevant topics and see what everyone was doing as well as to see if anyone needed help with that week’s tasks. The way that the meetings were held made everyone feel important and heard. The BBB exposed me to a work environment that acknowledges everyone, where everyone’s tasks are meaningful.

My CEO let me borrow a book that she thought could inspire me called “Purpose Meets Execution” by Louis Efron. From the book, I learned the importance of human capital and giving meaning to your employees' everyday tasks. Did I mention I met the author of the book and took a picture with him at the Torch Awards?

Interning at the BBB helped me understand what I want for my future career, how I want to feel every day at work and what I should look for in a future job. I believe every student should take the time and effort to look for the right opportunities to not only work at a place but also develop themselves and get to know themselves better. This opportunity gave me the ambition, and the “business soul” we all should develop for an ethical, fun, passionate and meaningful career. I hope I get the opportunity to work here after my internship ends and keep nurturing the abilities I have developed.

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