Biobehavioral Research Laboratory

The SON’s Biobehavioral Research Laboratory (BbRL) specializes in human subject and population health disparities research focused on studying the biological, behavioral, and environmental pathways that affect health and wellness. The BbRL also offers collaborative and consulting support to health centers and care providers interested in conducting patient-centered outcome research in the West Texas/Southern New Mexico/Northern Mexico region.

BbRL’s Mission Statement

  • To enhance the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities by increasing and leveraging our understanding of the underlying mechanisms that connect our biology, behavior, and environment.
  • To become national leaders in the conduction of rigorous health disparities research focused on the areas of wellness, youth’s health, and environmental health.

Areas of Interest

Prompted by its mission the BbRL’s primary research focus is on health disparities that we approach through the following three core areas of research:

  • Wellbeing: We are interested in understanding the connections between psychological well-being, positive environments, and human health. We believe that through this understanding we can procure health equity in our community as well as in vulnerable communities across the globe.
  • Youth’s Heath: We believe that understanding how the risk factors of chronic illness experienced in childhood progress and manifest in youth can lead to early cost-effective interventions that will help curve the rising incidence of chronic illnesses in disadvantaged communities.
  • Environmental Health: Although it is well established that communities of low socio-economic status are commonly exposed to detrimental natural, built, and social environmental conditions, a clear understanding of how interactions across these exposures affect health and psychological wellbeing is still lacking. In response, we want to establish effective intervention pathways by understanding first how positive natural, built, and social environmental changes affect physical and mental health.