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Submit A Report

All forms should be filled out with complete, accurate, and specific information. Reporting anonymously, or with incomplete or inaccurate information, will impair, deter, or delay the University's ability to take the appropriate action.

Academic Dishonesty

Use the above link to report behavior by a UTEP student that violates the Academic Dishonesty policy, sometimes known as an academic integrity violation. If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation with a staff member, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) at (915) 747-8694 or via email at

General Student Misconduct

Use the above link to report behavior by a UTEP student that violates the Student Conduct and Discipline code or if you are not sure where else to report something. If you have any questions, please contact the OSCCR at (915) 747-8694 or via email at

Student Conduct Appeal Form

Use the above link to appeal determination of responsibility and/or disciplinary sanctions assessed through the Administrative Disposition or the University Hearing Process. If you have questions about the process, please contact the OSCCR at (915) 747-8694 or via email,

Sexual Harassment or Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Use the above link to report an incident that may constitute Sexual Misconduct. If you would like more information contact the Title IX Office at (915) 747-8358 or visit

Campus Security Authority Report

Please use the above link as a UTEP Campus Security Authority (CSA) to submit an anonymous incident report.  Your contact information will be required, but you will not need to report the identity of the victim/survivor of the Clery-related crime.  You can provide this information if the victim/survivor does consent to provide this information. 

The anonymous reports information is used for statistical purposes to comply with Federal reporting guidelines for each reporting year.  If you have questions about Clery responsibilities as a CSA, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (915) 747-5648 or via email,

Student of Concern

Use the link above to report students whose behavior could be harmful to themselves or others. You can also use this link to refer students who are in need of resources for personal, academic, financial and social concerns to a case manager. Student of Concern reports are reviewed by the Dean of Students Office.

Cases you wish to refer to the Student Behavior Intervention Team (SBIT) should be submitted using this form. More information on SBIT can be found at Contact the DOS Office at (915) 747-5648 with any questions.

University Withdrawl Request

Use this link to request a University Withdrawal from UTEP. If you have questions about the University Withdrawals process, contact the Office of Registration & Records at (915) 747-5544 or via email,