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University Writing Center

Welcome to Summer 2021!  The UWC is open and available to assist all UTEP students.

There are three methods to get in contact with us:



Have a Synchronous session

Synchronous Sessions are live one-on-one with a UWC Consultant and are available Monday through Friday, 10:00am - 2:00pm. Please CLICK HERE to make an appointment. We use a combination of Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA and SharePoint/One Drive to conduct the live sessions.  For instructions on how use this system please click here. 






Email your paper to us

Instead of having a live session with a UWC Consultant, you can submit your paper to the UWC through our email system.  Papers will be returned to you within 72 business hours - this does not include weekends.  Please do not email your paper to us if you plan on ALSO having a live session. 





We are also available for in person sessions.  Come see us in the Library, Room 227, just past the Access Services Desk. 

We are available Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 3:00pm

  • Essay Organization
  • Genre and Audience Analysis
  • Writing and Revision Strategies
  • MLA, APA and Chicago Documentation Instruction
  • The Creative Collaboratorium Group Work Space
  • Workshops
  • Faculty Services