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    Web site at: http://www.utep.edu/graduate

    1.- General Information
    2.- Incomplete Admission File

    3.- Post Baccalaureate Programs
    4.- Post Baccalaureate Admission
    5.- Post-Master's Nursing
    6.- MBA PLUS Program
    7.- Reserving Courses for Graduate Credit
    8.- Re-admission into Graduate School
    8.- Re-admission into Graduate School

    An application for readmission is required for a student who:

    • has not enrolled for two years or more,
    • was not accepted to an earlier date and wants to pursue admission into the same or a different field based on revised criteria or more current documentation, or
    • was eligible to enroll, and failed to do so.

    A student already accepted into a program and interested in changing the major field of study should submit a Change of Major form rather than an application for readmission. In either case, normal fees are assessed.


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