Center for Interdisciplinary Health Research and Evaluation (CIHRE)

An Interdisciplinary Center of Excellence in Research, Evaluation and Training for the Next Generation of Health Researchers.


The staff and faculty of the Center facilitates the development and translation of clinical, biomedical and behavioral research to improve the health of populations living along the US-Mexico border region.

The Center maintains a repository of health-related information to facilitate the transfer of health research information to border researchers and policy makers. All branches of government and private foundations use the expertise of the Center's researchers for the development of health policies and to help establish funding priorities and allocations for the border region.

The Center provides assistance to community-based organizations and private and public agencies in the solicitation, management, and evaluation of health-related grants from federal, state and foundations to help improve the prevention and treatment outcomes of chronic and infectious diseases among border populations

João Batista Ferreira-Pinto, PhD
Associate Research Professor
Director for Research and Special Projects

College of Health Sciences
University of Texas at El Paso
1851 Wiggins Rd.
El Paso, TX 79968
Phone: 915-747-7295
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