Undergraduate Minor

Latin American & Border Studies

The minor in Latin American/Border Studies is structured to serve as a complement for the widest possible variety of major fields and thus prepare students for careers in business, industry, government, education, public service, research, law, health, as well as the demands of citizenship in a complex, inter-related world. The minor includes courses that are broadly integrating and problem-based as well as courses that are more narrowly focused. It is envisioned as a means for integrating the specialized majors with a cross-disciplinary and international context.

The 18-hour minor in LABS may be combined with any major. It includes the following requirements:

• 3 hours, SPAN or PORT 2304. This requirement may be waived upon successful completion of an approved competency examination.

• LABS 3300 The Americas

• 12 hours of electives in courses of Latin American or Border content, selected with the approval of the Latin American/Border Studies Advisor. These electives are designed to provide appropriate complements to the student’s major, thereby adding the perspectives of disciplinary breadth and a Latin American/Border perspective.

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