Vision & Mission


CIBS’ objective is to be a Center of excellence capitalizing on its bi-national location in matters related to the U.S.-Mexico Border, Border issues in general, Mexico, and Inter-American phenomena. It will achieve that through its research, academic programs, and outreach. In addition to its own programs, it assists other university units to become similarly recognized for the application of disciplinary perspectives to Border and Inter-American topics.

The Center’s interdisciplinary academic programs will educate a new generation of professionals and scholars dedicated to application and generation of new knowledge about the Border and Latin America. Its research will contribute to wider understanding of the U.S.-Mexico Border and other Inter-American topics. Its outreach activities will provide opportunities for the wider community, both regional and international, to appreciate the nature of the Border and other situations in which people of different nations interact.

Vision & Mission


The Center for Inter-American and Border Studies uniquely contributes to the fulfillment of UTEP’s mission by conducting and promoting research, academic programs, and public outreach on themes related to Inter-American and Border Studies.  These distinctive themes include culture and language, the arts, economics, trade, society, history, ecosystems and environment, health, and education in the Americas and the border region.  The Center is especially dedicated to the accomplishment of these distinctive goals through partnerships within and across national boundaries.

In all three components, CIBS is especially dedicated to establishing innovative visions of the Border and Inter-American region that integrate traditionally separate fields of knowledge and people that work in them, as well as integrating theory and practice to realize UTEP’s vision,mission and goals. CIBS is dedicated to activities that unite the campus and community partners in the production and dissemination of knowledge.