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Through community engagement, and partnerships between the University and the community, be it local, regional, state, national or global, and community engaged scholarship:

    • We foster and instill civic values that include diversity, equity and inclusion in the preparation of well-rounded, educated, and engaged citizens

    •  We engage in the democratization of knowledge in its co-creation through mutually beneficial and respectful community partnerships.

    • We address critical societal issues through the exchange knowledge, resources and talents with our community.


  • To build opportunities for partnerships and community engaged scholarship among community, faculty, staff, and students to address critical societal issues.

  • To Graduate well-rounded engaged citizens, prepared with the knowledge, skills and expertise to contribute to society.

  • To comprehensively integrate community engagement in curriculum and high impact practices as highlighted in the UTEP Edge.

  • To impact in the economic, health and education of the community.

UTEP is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a top tier doctoral university with very high research activity (R1), and a Carnegie Classified Community Engaged Institution - one of only 73 top tier research universities in the U.S. to hold both designations. UTEP approaches community engagement through collective impact where the Provost’s Office, the Center for Community Engagement, and the Community Engagement Council serve as the backbone of such efforts. Read the news article entitled, A Nationally Acclaimed Community Engaged Campus.




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