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Importance of  Side Projects +Ideas for Side Projects

A side project is something that you can do, usually during your free time, aside from your main activities. For students, side projects are usually done during the summer (when there’s more free time) or even during the semester.

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Why Extracurricular Activities Matter

There's a lot more to CS than classes and books. A well-rounded student is able to combine coursework with extra curricular activities to ensure growth in academics, student life, and professional areas.

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Resume Tips

A resume is a document that represents you when you apply for internships, jobs, scholarships, and graduate school. Having a good resume is crucial because it is the first impression recruiters and employers have about you.

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Behavioral Interview Preparation

Behavioral questions help companies determine if the candidate’s personality, motivations, and past experience are relevant to the role and company’s culture. Even the most skilled programmers have been rejected because of poor preparation for behavioral questions.

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