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 TCM Day


Friday, March 7, 2025
8:30am ~ 2:30pm
and Late Registration: 8:15am @ the Undergraduate Learning Center
Schedule of Events


TCM Day is the longest-running tradition on campus where participants unite to do three things. First, to remember the university's roots of mining and engineering. Second, to pay homage to the patron saint of engineering, St. Pat. Last, to grow our school spirit of being UTEP Miners.

Student Registration

Student Registration is available via Handshake using your UTEP login and password. There are 3 options:

  • Register prior to the day and pay prior
  • Register prior to the day and pay later (must pay with exact change)
  • Register the day of (8:30-12:00; must pay with exact change)



TCM Songs

Did you know the Mining Engineer’s Song was first was compiled by H.D. “Bevo” Bevans (Mining, 1929) in 1928. The verses were created from several sources of songs and rhymes about engineers. In 1928-29 the first copies of the song were mimeographed and sold by the upperclassmen at ten cents per copy with the proceeds from the sale given to a loan fund for needy students.

In 2014, Will Davis (MME, 2002) with the support of the Engineering Alumni Chapter updated the song that UTEP Engineering students and alumni sing during TCM, Homecoming and other events and celebrations throughout the year.

Mining Engineer's Song

In 2014, soldiers from Ft. Bliss reinvigorated TCM Day with physical conditioning, marching, and the learning of the cadence, They Say that in the Guard. This approach to organizing so many participants has since then allowed to move the group around campus safer and more efficiently.

They Say That In The Guard


Faculty and Staff Registration

Just as all major are encouraged to be a part of the TCM Day festivities, so are all UTEP faculty and staff.




Faculty and Staff Volunteers

Volunteers are also needed for the entire day. Reach out by email,, if interested.

  • Guard crossers before and after painting the “M” from 10:30am-12:00pm.
  • APO Awards preparation prior to the day and recognize award winners from 12:00-12:15pm.
  • The Team Mining Challenge preparation prior to the day and officiating from 10:30am~1:30pm.
  • Networking with UTEP Miners that are made for more at the Bean Feed, 12:45-2:30pm.



Volunteers are also needed for the entire day. Reach out by email,, if interested.

Or, you can always come out to network with the next generation of UTEP graduates and join us for the Bean Feed, 12:45-2:30pm.




FAQs About TCM and Its Traditions

Q: What is TCM Day all about?

A: WATCH: College of Engineering Celebrates TCM Day 2019

K12 Outreach




Q: How do I register to participate in TCM Day and what should I bring the day of the event?

A: Students can pre-register on-line via Job Mine and pay $15.00/person with credit card or pay cash (exact change) on the day of the event. Bring clothes that you don’t mind getting “Miner dirty” and comfortable shoes as some hiking will occur on the mountain.

Q: What do I get when I register for TCM Day and the Team Mining Challenge?

A: Registration for TCM Day will get you lunch (aka Bean Feed), a miner's hard hat and TCM t-shirt (while supplies last), and entry to participate in the Team Mining Challenge. The Team Mining Challenge is a ~2.5 mile race done in teams of 5 that takes them all over campus. Winning team takes home $500, but everyone gets to \experience the rigors and challenges faced by miners of the past.

Q: How do I get a certificate?

A: A mini certificate, aka as the TCM Day Green Card, are issued to participants who complete all elements of TCM Day.

Q: What are the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Student Awards?

A: First, APO was the social fraternity that started the St. Pat's Day initiation in 1920 or what is known today as TCM Day. Many APO activities involved student pride and spirit. Today, the APO awards recognize students who contributed to the same UTEP esprit de corps and culture that keeps tradition like TCM Day alive and kicking.

Q: What if I have class? Do I miss?

A: Talk to your professor(s) about participating in TCM Day and invite them to join you while you are at it. If you must leave the group, talk to a coordinator (person with the green hard hat ) or report to the registration site to ask for a map of where you can catch up when you return.


Decorating Contest

Expressing school spirit has never been so much fun that when we have a decorating contest where you can win a trophy as gorgeous as the Not So Famous TCM Cup AND keep it for a year.

Remember, this isn’t an ordinary decorating contest as your decorating is a contribution to turning the campus green. Green paint all over campus is a thing of the past so make your work leave a (not permanent) mark for all to enjoy!


The Not So Famous TCM Cup

The Not So Famous TCM Cup



Here is rubric that judges will follow to score your decorating piece of work.

Decorating Score



Green Hats

Green Hats are the handful of folks who for decades have always stepped up to make sure the TCM tradition stays intact. The honor to wear a green hard hat on the day of the festivities stems from involvement in the TCM Day Planning Committee and the leadership of the Engineering Student Leadership Council.


Mckenna Hitter

Mckenna O’Hitter

2024 St. Pat, Patron Saint of Engineers
Mighty Guard of 2023

ESLC Chairs

ESLC Chairs

Student Leadership
Mighty Guard of 2022, 2023 and 2024

Pat Caro

Pat Caro

Head Judge, Decorating Contest
Mighty Guard of 2015

Betsy Castro-Duarte

Betsy Castro-Duarte

Director, Event Registration/Card Compliance
Mighty Guard of 2014

Ruben Chavez

Ruben Chavez

Mighty Guard of 1992

Gabby Gandara

Gabby O’Gandara

Mighty Guard of 1992 and St. Pat of 1997

Keith Fong

Keith Fong

Mighty Guard of 1985

Willie Quinn

Willie O’Quinn

Mighty Guard of 1950 and St. Pat of 1953


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TCM Day Planning Committee
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