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El Paso Regional Scorecard

El Paso is building the workforce of the future right now - a future that requires a seamless pathway to success, from our children's first steps to their first career. By meeting the targets in this scorecard, we can ensure that El Paso's Economic Future is on a path that we and our children can look forward to.

What is the El Paso Regional Scorecard?

El Paso regional scorecard identifies important indicators that prepare students for success, from first steps to first careers. It is broken down into 3 strategic priority areas to include:


What is it intended to measure?

It measures how the academic success of students in El Paso compare to students throughout the State of Texas and sets targets to attain by 2022.

Areas measured include state assessments and high school graduation rates; increases in college readiness and the number of higher education degrees and certificates awarded; and reductions in academic achievement gaps across demographic groups.

Through the years the Collaborative has achieved remarkable results through collaborations with academic, business and civic partners, including UTEP, El Paso Community College, Region 19 Education Service Center, the region’s school districts, and local civic and business organizations. 

Together, we envision a bright future where ALL El Pasoans have access to the highest quality education with ample career pathways that support a vibrant local economy and enhanced quality of life. Communities from across the nation will point to El Paso as a shining example of the power of partnerships and collaboration. Be reminded that together, I am, you are, we are the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence. 

Photo by Zachary Olson on Unsplash


Download 2019 Scorecard