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Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health! 

Mental health is something that many people do not consider to be of high importance and don’t put as a priority. This is so wrong! Being mentally healthy is important for all of us, because this will determine how we look at life, how we handle the challenges that life throws at us, and how we manage our relationships. Many people neglect taking care of their mental health and use anything as an excuse to not deal with this.  

One of the things that discourage people from seeking help is that therapy is expensive. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Insurance can help pay for it, or if you don’t have insurance you can look for local therapists who offer a sliding scale payment. You can also look for support groups within your community that are low-cost or free.  

Another issue that people run into is time. Nowadays, we all have many responsibilities and we push back things that we don’t consider to be of high priority. If you have a packed schedule, just the thought of going to therapy may seem overwhelming, but it’s important to set aside that time. You could look for a therapist that is close to where you spend most of your time. If this is not an option, then at least you should set aside some time during the week for self-care and do something you enjoy! 

The third and last thing that may discourage people from seeking help, is the stigma that is present with mental health. People still see a therapist as a doctor for “crazy people” and this is not true at all. It’s important that we see mental health as the same and equally important as physical health to break the stigma. 

Taking that first step to seek help is hard, but it makes you stronger. Don’t be afraid to seek the help you need to feel better and take better care of yourself. You are worth it, so make your mental health a priority! 


Written by: Vivian Daher 


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