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Compilation by Armando Gonzalez Stuart, PhD

Scientific Name:

Psacalium decompositum

Other Common Name:

Matariki, Maturín.

Parts of the plant used:

The root. The fresh root reputedly has greater medicinal value.

How is it used?

The root is boiled in water to make a tea.

What is it used for?

In Mexican traditional medicine, Matarique is used primarily against diabetes, as well as for other gastrointestinal ailments.


Safety / Precautions


  • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (nitrogen containing substances) have been detected in various species of Matarique. These alkaloids are present in many other plants and are known to be liver toxic, as well as possibly carcinogenic.
  • Even though intoxications due to this plant have not been reported, Matarique has not been studied in depth in relation to its potential toxicity, especially with prolonged ingestion.
  • Do not consume teas or preparations made from this plant during prolonged periods of time (more than 2 weeks).
  • Avoid ingesting this plant during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Don’t give Matarique tea to small children.
  • Avoid in patients with liver or kidney disease.
  • Avoid ingesting Matarique if you are currently taking medications to lower blood sugar, including insulin, as the herb-drug interactions are presently unknown

Before you decide to take any medicinal herb or herbal supplement, be sure to consult with your health care professional first. Avoid self-diagnosis and self-medication: Always be on the safe side!