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BUSN 1301 - Introduction to Global Business

FALL 2020


Welcome to Studio G for BUSN 1301

Are you part of Dr. Hadjimarcou’s Introduction to Global Business class (BUSN 1301)?  If so, you are in the right place!  This website portal is dedicated specifically to the establishment of curricular links between Studio G and BUSN 1301.  The page will guide your participation by showing you how to access the Studio G course required for the “Business Opportunity – Sustainability Challenge”. The required course is "Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301)". Upon completion, students will receive a downloadable certificate of completion for the “Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301) course.  So, take a few moments to read about the course and scroll down to the “Instructions” section to get info on how to get started.  WELCOME TO STUDIO G!



Learning Outcomes

Market Research

The Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301) course will aid students in identifying a market through qualitative and quantitative research.  The qualitative portion teaches clients methods to understand market competition, discover problems customers are facing, and to confirm that a problem existed through customer emulation, customer discovery, and customer validation, respectively. The quantitative research portion will teach students methods to estimate market size and identify the total addressable market (TAM), the served addressable market (SAM), and the target market.

What can you do for your customer? 

The course will also provide students a survey of subjects such as the Full Life Cycle Use Case, High-Level Product Specification, Value Proposition, Defining Your Core, and Charting Your Competitive Position.  The Full Life Cycle Use Case will help clients understand how their business idea fits in the customer’s value chain and it will help them identify challenges for business adoption, beginning with the customer awareness stage through end-user purchasing and beyond.  The High-Level Specification section will help students converge on their product/service description, on its benefit to the consumer, and on the establishment of need. Students will also learn the importance of quantifying value proposition. Finally, the sections on Defining Your Core and Charting Your Competitive Position present methods used to identify competitive advantage and how your offering compares with competitors’ in different categories.


Instructions: How to Access the Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301)

There are two parts to complete:

Part 1 shall be completed by TEAM LEADERS ONLYOnly one person per team needs to complete Part 1.  The team leader will register the team/business idea with Studio G by completing the application form.
Part 2 ALL STUDENTS in BUSN 1301 must complete Part 2.  Part 2 gives access to the Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301) course on TalentLMS.  Each student will be provided with a printable/downloadable certificate of completion to provide to the instructor, as proof of course participation and completion.
1. Fill out the Studio G application form ( only ONE entrepreneur – The Team Leader, will fill out this form, ) by following the instructions below:

a.  Click the “Join Studio G” button below

b. Fill out the form completely and click “Submit”

i. Pay special attention to the following questions

1. Provide university and non-university email

2. Report the total size of your team including yourself for the question: “How many people are working on this business, including yourself?”

3. Select BUSN 1301 for the question that asks:  “Are you joining Studio G as part of the class?

c. The team leader will receive a “Studio G Acceptance Email” from  This email is a formal communication of your acceptance into the program. 

d. You will also be presented with a link to sign up for a Studio G Intake meeting. Select this option only if you genuinely want to continue with your venture after the class is over, or if you want to receive extra credit offered in the project through a non-training activity.

If you decide to pursue the venture, click on “UTEP Intake Meeting” ( Only one person per team/venture is required to sign in, you may add more team members during the intake meeting

            Selecting UTEP Intake Meeting option will redirect you to our scheduling calendar:

           While in the “Choose Appointment” tab, schedule your appointment on a date that works best for you: 

           Next, go to the “Your Info” tab, fill out the information, to receive a confirmation email: 

Every student must complete this step to access and complete the Studio G online course individually, to receive a personalized certificate of completion.

1. Access Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301) on TalentLMS

a. All students in BUSN 1301 will receive two emails from with login credentials - both will have the same credentials. Open the email with the subject header that reads, "Your account for Arrowhead LMS is ready!". Your login username should be your UTEP email. You can use the username and password to log in. You will receive a series of automated emails from saying that "You were assigned to a new course named: xxxxx." These are just indications that you were granted access to the full Studio G content. The one of interest is Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301). You only need to complete the “Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301)” course, as instructed below, to receive the certificate required for Dr. Hadjimarcou’s class.

b.  Go to the Arrowhead Center’s TalentLMS website click here

c. Click on “Login” on the top right

i.  Enter your username and password to log in

1. Your username is your UTEP email

2. You may retrieve your password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” option on the login prompt

d. Once you are logged in, click on “Course catalog” on the top right:

e. Check the “BUSN 1301” box under the “CATEGORIES” section on the top right: 

f. Click on the “Studio G Market Research Certification (BUSN 1301): 

       i. To begin or continue with the course, click on "Start or Resume Course" underneath the Studio G icon on the left

1. You can proceed with the course at your own pace. You may log out and log back in using the same instructions above as desired: 

g. You will receive a downloadable certificate of completion upon finishing the course 




Omar Delgado Sudio G Oversight:
Mia Gomez Studio G Consultant: