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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Studio G will be serving clients 100% online. 
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Studio G's mission is to support student entrepreneurs and make entrepreneurship an available and sustainable career path.  Studio G helps students and recent alumni start and grow businesses.

Who can be a member?

All Studio G services are provided to members for free. UTEP students and recent alumni that have graduated within the past five years are eligible for membership. Membership is open to all colleges, majors, and professions. We provide business consulting, networking opportunities, and a wide variety of resources to help you launch your own business.

Studio G does not take ownership or equity in your business, idea, or technology. There is strict confidentiality applied to all clients’ business ventures. So if you have a business idea and would like to take advantage of our resources, click on the “Join Studio G” button below. If you would like to talk about the opportunities available through Studio G, please send an email to

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The Studio G model is available to students and recent alumni from the following participating universities:

  • NMSU Main Campus
  • NMSU-Alamogordo
  • NMSU-Carlsbad
  • NMSU-Grants
  • Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Dona Ana Community College (DACC)
  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Institute of American Indian Arts
  • Navajo Technical University
  • New Mexico Tech
  • St. John’s College
  • San Juan College
  • Sandia National Laboratories (Current Students or Post-Docs)
  • Santa Fe Community College
  • University of New Mexico
  • Western New Mexico University
  • University of Texas at El Paso

Free Benefits of Membership


Access our business advising staff and Studio G's Enterprise Advisors- these include seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, marketing experts, engineers, intellectual property lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, and product developers that are available to help you launch your business.


Leverage Studio G's resources including entrepreneurship programs, consulting, workshops, and networking events to put your business on the quickest path to revenue.


Free access to an online TalentLMS repository of courses and webinars based on Bill Aulet's (MIT) "Disciplined Entrepreneurship" and "Lean Launchpad" methodologies from Stanford.

Funding Opportunites

Funding opportunities and awards exclusive to Studio G members.


Access to UTEP's library database that contains great resources for entrepreneurs.


Become part of an amazing entrepreneurship community through our networking hours (Studio G Talks) and speaker series and by engaging with other student entrepreneurs and professional mentors and advisors.

UTEP's Student Business Accelerator

Studio G, UTEP’s student business accelerator, was brought to campus through a collaboration between UTEP’s Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce and NMSU’s Arrowhead Center. The accelerator was developed to make entrepreneurial resources available to university students and recent alumni. Studio G offers programs designed to provide learning, funding, and networking opportunities to student entrepreneurs from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Studio G is committed to making entrepreneurship an attainable and sustainable career path through the continuous enhancement of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Meet Our Team

Studio G Principal Consultant: Mia Gomez

Mia is currently an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor's in international business with a minor in Marketing. Throughout her school years, Mia has been recognized as someone with determination and commitment in every task that she needs to accomplish. She has experience in business, such as attending the School of Economics & Management, Tongji University in Shanghai during the summer of 2018. She created a new product with social awareness in the ‘‘Entrepreneur’’ event of Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in 2019. This event led her to participate in Inc. Monterrey, which is a platform that seeks to contribute to the strengthening of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in the region, Mexico, and Latin America. Mia is currently the principal consultant at Studio G UTEP, our student business accelerator mentioned in Forbes in 2020. She has had the incredible opportunity to meet future and current entrepreneurs, gain professional experience, develop effective communication skills, strong leadership, the ability to identify opportunities, solve problems efficiently, work, and meet with people from around the world.

Studio G Consultant: Andres Gutierrez

Born and raised in Ciudad Juarez, Andres graduated Magna Cum Laude from UTEP with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a 3D Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Certificate. He worked at the REC Center for 4 years where he was a student supervisor, besides working at the REC Center he did an internship with a local star up company and worked on a project for a local entrepreneur as his senior project.

Studio G Consultant: Victoria Miranda

Victoria graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry from The University of Texas at El Paso. She is passionate about research which is why the MLCIC was a perfect fit for her. During her undergraduate years, Victoria participated in various projects at a structural biochemistry and an infectious diseases laboratory. She was able to learn molecular biology, biochemical, and biophysical techniques along with animal sciences during her time in the lab. Victoria is currently pursuing her MBA with a concentration in healthcare management and she hopes to combine this with her science background to excel in the healthcare field. Besides research, Victoria likes dedicating her time to serve our community whether it is at the homeless shelter or the children’s hospital.


Mia Gomez Studio G Consultant:



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