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Visual Brand Guide

The UTEP Visual Brand Guide establishes the rules for use of the University’s visual brand elements, including logos, lockups, official colors, and more. With few exceptions, UTEP employees may use the University’s visual brand elements as part of any official business as long as the standards in the Visual Brand and Editorial Style Guide are followed. No additional permission is required.

Download the Visual Brand and Editorial Style Guide
Download the University lockups and logos

Exceptions that Require Additional Visual Brand Approval

  • Merchandise. Approval is required to use the logo and other brand elements on merchandise, apparel, swag items, etc. This is done to protect the UTEP brand from infringement and promote quality control. Examples include T-shirts, mugs, pens, and branded giveaway items.
  • Paid Advertising and Marketing. Use of UTEP logos or lockups in paid advertising and marketing must be approved by UTEP Marketing and Communications. Examples include television or radio commercials, paid social media, digital advertising, and billboards.
  • Co-Branding. All requests to use the UTEP name and visual brand elements in conjunction with other organization names and logos must be approved by UTEP Marketing and Communications.

If you need visual brand approval for one of the above exceptions, please visit the Marketing and Communications Request Portal at to submit your request.

Download a step-by-step guide to submitting a brand review request

Helpful tips

  • Please allow two working days for your brand review request to be evaluated by our office.
  • You will receive an email with an attached brand review approval certificate, or if not approved, information about updates that should be made to ensure brand compliance. You should attach the brand review approval certificate to your purchase requisition in Miner Mall.
  • You no longer need to submit your project through the UT System Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing portal. The Purchasing Office will ensure that you are working with a licensed vendor, and the licensed vendor will submit your project through the Collegiate Licensing Company’s (CLC) Brand Manager 360 program.
  • For visual brand questions in the Department of Athletics, please contact Deputy Athletic Director for Brand Advancement Jeff Darby at


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