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Rubin Center at 2021 Chalk The Block

October 9-10, 2021

The Rubin Center presented in a big way at El Paso's biggest arts festival. Rubin Center Community Curator Ramon Cardenas that curated the annual live mural painting that featured Houston-based artist Kill Joy and local artists Gabriel Marquez and Paola Martinez

For more information about the festival visit the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Facebook Event Page

Kill Joy - Houston, Tx

Born in the desert of west Texas, Kill Joy's family is originally from and partly based in the Philippines, partly in Texas. Her work sits at the intersection where jungle meets desert, grounded in honoring the earth and seeking environmental and social justice. Her work is an interpretation of world mythology and a study of ancient symbols. She mixes this research with calls to global, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness. Her practice, Joyland, includes printmaking, mural making, bookmaking, puppet making in Houston, TX.
Wall Location : Long Convention Center Wall

Gabriel Marquez - El Paso, Tx

Marquez's work takes on a fluid approach, the artwork he creates is freeform combined with symbolic features of desert animals and mystic creatures creating a mesmerizing image. Marquez's artwork explores themes of motion and stillness by using progressive contour lines in a pictorial realm that wanders between emptiness and fullness. The artwork although still, creates a continuous movement with the use of repetitive linear forms. Known for his intricate line drawings of fantastically surreal beings and dreamscapes, Marquez often works intuitively and allows the markings he creates to bring about the final outcome of the composition's imagery.

Wall Location : AirPlane

Paola Martinez I El Paso, TX

Wall Location : Pedestrian Pathway