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Rubin Seniors


Through a partnership with the UTEP Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) and The Meditation Studio, we have provided local seniors interested in a unique opportunity to experience contemporary art and mindfulness through the artwork on display in the Rubin Center galleries. Too often we rush through the museum and our lives trying to see and do as much as possible.  This program is an opportunity to slow down and engage with a few works of contemporary art through extended looking and breathing exercises.  Mindfulness + Art seeks to calm the mind, construct knowledge through visual analysis and critically analyze the work. The session will be lead by Luciana Garcia, holistic practitioner, meditation instructor and owner of The Meditation Studio, and Melissa Barba, Assistant Director of the Rubin Center.

Since 2019, the Rubin Center has partnered with the West Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association to host Momentos, which is an Early Stage Social Engagement session for people with the early stages of the disease, and their caregivers. We use the artwork in the Rubin Center galleries as a catalyst for discussion and remembering.  The UTEP's School of Nursing has students observe and answer questions about the disease and healthy living. For more information about this program, and other cultural opportunities for families with Alzheimer’s, please contact our local chapter at 800.272.3900.