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UTEP Classes At the Rubin Center

UTEP faculty members and staff are invited to use the Rubin Center as a site for object-based learning. The Rubin Center will work with you to design a visit that meets your needs. Resources available include: gallery guides that encourage critical thinking and writing, interdisciplinary readings on Center exhibitions; informal gallery talks led by student interns; and guided tours by Center staff.

You are always welcome to come and explore the exhibitions on your own. Please notify us in advance if you will be bringing groups of more than 10 people. For more information, or to schedule a visit, please contact Melissa Barba at 747.7837 or email See some of our successful partnerships below.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The Rubin Center is a great place for English learners to practice critical speaking and writing skills. We have a variety of techniques to help you explore the artwork on display, and prompts to encourage authentic expression in response to the works on display. We will work with you to create an experience that is appropriate for your students.

UTEP 1301 Classes

The Rubin Center offers fun and informative guided explorations of the works on display for 1301 teachers and their classes. Schedule a visit during class time, or check our website for upcoming exhibitions and programming to encourage your students to get involved in arts and culture on the UTEP campus.

Medical Professions Institute Partnership

The Rubin Center is proud to partner with UTEP’s Medical Professions Institute in exposing Pre-Med Students to visual learning techniques that facilitate more careful looking in clinical settings. A 2001 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that medical students enrolled in a similar program at Yale University acquired more astute observational skills than their colleagues who didn't take courses in the art gallery. Besides assessing a patient's well-being during an office visit, finely honed visual abilities can also allow future doctors to perform better in relation to visual material, like noticing subtle changes in a patient's X-rays over time.

Art Studio and Art History Classes

The Rubin Center is part of the Department of Art, and is used as a resource for Art Department classes. Art History students study and create written responses to artists, artworks and curatorial themes. Studio majors benefit from direct experience with work from a wide variety of mediums, and are invited to use the gallery spaces to draw in response to the work on display.