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Virtual K-12 Educational Resources


The Rubin Center Educator Program is designed to support K–12 educators from all disciplines interested in bringing contemporary art, artists and themes into classroom teaching and learning.  In the absence of face to face programming and in support of educators, young artists and their families the Rubin Center has begun creating original content for artists of all ages in addition to compiling a list of resources from other contemporary art institutions, organized by areas of interest.  Check back regularly for additions and updates.

Original Content from the Rubin Center


Artists in the 915 is a series created from the response of local educators for contemporary art lessons from local artists that can be accessed virtually. The series is geared toward high school students but can be modified for other ages as well. This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Virtual Family Days 

The Rubin Center shares 3-5 minute videos with art activities to help understand the work of contemporary artists. Activities are designed for kids but can be modified for learners of all ages.

Virtual Exhibitions 

Resources from Local Partners 


Creative Kids Virtual Art Lessons


This non-profit organization offers videos with art lessons where kids can explore contemporary techniques, issues and/or artists. They also have creative conversations through Instagram live every Thursday at 1 PM: @creativekids.olo


NMSU Art Museum - Virtual Collections


The University Art Museum has several virtual collections that can be explored and that can be used as inspiration for lesson plans and activities.

Contemporary Arts Resources from Around the Globe




The Getty Museum Educator - Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art?

The Getty Museum provides two lesson plans that can help kids understand contemporary artists: John Baldessari and Nicole Cohen.


Tate Museum- Tate Kids / Art Making + Art Games + Exploration

This interactive website offers quick games, art activities, and information on modern and contemporary artists and movements.


18 Contemporary Artists Elementary Students Will Love

This resource provides 18 contemporary artists to teach kids, with quick information on their work and links to their websites.


Art Is Basic | Contemporary Art in the Elementary Classroom

This link offers a great idea to teach kids about 6 contemporary artists. In the reading, you can find links to lessons about such artists.

The blog also provides quick art activities for k-6 with a quick explanation on how to guide the lesson.



Art21 Getting Started: An Introduction to Teaching with Contemporary Art

This resource has four readings on how to teach contemporary art to students in an enriching and meaningful way.


Art21 Comprehensive Contemporary Artist Index

Art 21 offers a wide index with names of Contemporary Artists with links to videos and readings of their work.


Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago / Teacher Institute

The MCA provides lesson plans sorted by big idea, grade level, media, and guiding questions. Each lesson includes a summary with specific goals, the materials needed for the project, and suggested forms of assessment.


Contemporary Arts Center

This resource includes quick activities and other resources that can support your curriculum such as readings and audios that students can explore.



PBS Learning Media / Contemporary Art in the Elementary

PBS offers videos created by contemporary artists on which they explain concepts or techniques through art activities. On the videos, artists share a little of their work and their professional path.



Art History Babes (censored episodes)

This link offers 7 censored podcasts on Art History with meaningful discussions on art movements and artists. Even though the episodes are censored they still might include some discussions on alcohol, drugs, violence, and sexual acts.


The Lonely Palette

This podcast offers an insight into Art History in a way that is interesting for students. Episodes discuss art movements, art pieces, and/or artists.



This podcast on Art History offers a fresh perspective on the subject. The key to the episodes is to share the stories behind some of the great pieces of art, and the stories of the great artists that lived and of those currently living.


Everyday Art Room

These podcasts offer great advice for art educators on the elementary level. In most episodes the host interviews art educators that specialize in the topic of the episode to share meaningful information.



What Is Contemporary Art? 

The MoMa offers a course that explores what contemporary art means. This is a course has flexible deadlines, an overall of 11 hrs, and the possibility of earning a certificate after completion.


Art & Ideas: Teaching with Themes

This course helps develop the necessary skills to focus the curriculum on themes that revolve around modern and contemporary art. The course has flexible deadlines, around 8 hrs to completion, and the possibility to earn a certificate at the end.


Art & Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies for Your Classroom 

This free course provides the tools to teach works of art with an inquiry-based method that is used mostly in museums and galleries. The course has flexible deadlines, around 8 hrs to completion, and the possibility to earn a certificate at the end.


Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art

This course provides meaningful strategies that can be applied in the classroom to help students understand deeply the works of art they interact with. The course has flexible deadlines, around 6 hrs to completion, and the possibility to earn a certificate at the end.




MUAC- Digital Program

The Contemporary Art Museum in UNAM offers quick videos with activities for kids of all ages. Some of the videos include a reference to contemporary artists and they also include thoughtful guidance through the process to allow students to understand better what contemporary art means. Videos are in Spanish


Levadura- Elementary Students Understanding Contemporary Art (Madrid)

In the “Proyectos” section, you can find projects that help students interact and understand contemporary art. Each project includes a PDF with an overall goal of the project and an explanation of what is done in each session. PDFs are in Spanish.