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Azul Arena Magazine is a publication that focuses on the arts and culture scene of the El Paso/Juárez international border. The project was born out of the need for alternative platforms that provide a more honest and complete picture of the realities of the region, allowing residents of the area to control the narrative coming out of the border.

The magazine is driven by in-depth articles about contemporary artists and is complemented by literature and visual work, both commissioned by the magazine and previously created pieces. The publication is a 40-page, full color physical object that is distributed in the artistic and educational institutions of the area.

Edgar Picazo is a multimedia artist from the El Paso/Juárez border. He has worked as a freelance photographer and designer, and in project management, arts administration and more for a variety of major institutions and prominent artists in the region. He is the founding director of Azul Arena. (coming soon) @azularenamag
facebook: azularenamag