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CHANGARRITO is a non-profit self-managed cultural project, created by the visual artist Máximo González, which exhibits and promotes artists through alternative platforms. Changarrito started in 2004, as an answer to an official selection of artists that were going to represent Mexico at Arco Madrid 2005.

Changarrito makes art exhibitions at the doors of cultural spaces (galleries, museums, art fairs).  Changarrito has built a contemporary art collection composed of artworks that have been bought from the artists during their exhibition in Changarrito or that have been donated by the exhibiting artists or other supporters of the project. In 2012, Changarrito started a publishing project "Letritas del Changarrito" which to date has published 11 books.

Changarrito Project has been invited to take part at Venice Art Biennial on two occaisions, accompanying the Pavilion of Mexico, as well as Bienal Metrópolis, in Copenhagen, as well as multiple festivals, arts and books fairs.  CH has a permanent exhibition spot at the doors of Mexic-Arte Museum, in Austin TX. In 2014, CH was awarded with a grant from Prince Claus Fund.  Changarrito Artist Residency was created in 2015. It houses foreigner artists who want to do an experience in Mexico City.

Iván Buenader has been involved in the project since the very beginning, in project management, developing the artists’ network, and launching the publishing house.


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And about their independent publishing house:


Instagram: changarritoenaccion

Twitter: PChangarrito