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Sandra Paola López Ramírez (EdM, MFA) Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence

The Rubin Center for the Visual Arts is proud to welcome Sandra Paola López Ramírez as our inaugural interdisciplinary artist in residence for Spring 2021.  Her residence at the Rubin Center will be part of a new initiative expanding interdisciplinary and community engaged practices in the arts, an initiative that launched earlier this year with the addition of Ramon Cardenas as Community Curator.  Ramon and Sandra will together be coordinating a virtual spring speakers series on artist-led, community-engaged practices featuring a selection of artists from around the country addressing issues of racial justice, immigration and indigenous rights with a focus on the connection between artistic practice and community processes.  These conversations will be a jumping off point for a broader range of student workshops, internships and for-credit classes on interdisciplinary, community engaged practices in the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic year.