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Tomás Saraceno: Becoming Aerosolar

In a time of rapidly accelerating climate change, why do we still blast rockets into space, burning up vast amounts of hydrocarbons? Is it because it is the only way to get there? Renowned international contemporary artist Tomas Saraceno says no, we can float into space with balloons, from space stations hovering in the upper atmosphere. The concept is not dissimilar to Saraceno’s exhibition 'Cloud Cities', a version of which was recently shown on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Argentine-born, Berlin-based Saraceno is came to the border to demonstrate with ‘Becoming Aerosolar’, a floating sculpture in the dramatic landscape of White Sands desert how we could float into space. He is also started his international campaign for sustainable space travel in ‘Space Without Rockets’, a conference at UTEP headed up by engineer John Powell, whose company is pioneering the idea of ‘floating into space’ with balloons. He was joined by other experts in space and culture, in a unique conference and event that attracted worldwide attention. 

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