Welcome to the Department of Social Work

UTEP is located on the US-Mexico border across the border from its sister city of Cd. Juarez, Mexico. It forms the largest international metroplex in the world, with a combined population of over 2 million residents. This bi-national and bi-cultural community gives our students a unique perspective on social work. The Department of Social Work is committed to educate culturally competent practitioners. By combining classroom work, simulation technology and practicum fieldwork in social service agencies in El Paso, Texas and the region, UTEP students graduate with the skills and knowledge to practice social work in a wide variety of settings.

The UTEP Department of Social Work administers two degree programs. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)prepares students for generalist practice. Over 70-75 students are actively enrolled in the BSW Program. TheMaster of Social Work (MSW) prepares students for advanced practice with a concentration in Social Work in the Border Region. The MSW Program has 70 – 80 students actively enrolled in the program.