Bentley Software

LEC Group

The Department of Civil Engineering at UTEP is very thankful for the generous donation from Gerardo and Margarita Licon, owners of the LEC Group, to purchase student licenses of the Bentley application suit called "Be Careers Networks" which packages more than 50 engineering software. The combination of all the software and training mechanisms provided by the Bentley program will allow us to provide all our students, inside and outside the classroom, with the very necessary training in the use of commercial software.

To start using the software go to this site and create your personal account by clicking the "Join Now" button:

Ask your advisor for the School Code to use.

Once you create your account you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the confirmation process. You will not be able to login until you follow the instructions given in this email.

Once your account is active and you are able to log in you will see a webpage similar to the one shown bellow. Click in the "Download Software" link to select the software you want to download and use. Make sure to follow the instructions very carefully.

One of the most important features of our contract with Bentley is that they provide on-line training material free to all our students. To access this material click on the "Take Online Training" link.

Bentley Software

If you are running Windows 7 you might get an error at the time of installation with some of the software. If this happens you need to run the installation in Windows Vista compatibility mode.

See the following link for instructions:

The license is server-based requiring that you be connected to the internet to be able to run the software.