Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a modern Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Program of the highest quality. 

Mission Statement

We will emphasize learning and applying metallurgical and materials engineering fundamentals, spanning all major classes of materials. We will offer students opportunities to explore the whole gamut of applications, from advanced microelectronic technology to the basic infrastructure on which we all depend. The B.S. degree program in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering will serve two broad purposes: 

  1. to provide sufficient grounding for a graduate to perform effectively, over time, in industry or other employment; and
  2. to provide opportunity for all types of students, while maintaining a high level of excellence in all graduates. It will sharpen communications skills, both oral and written. It will also provide basic engineering skills for problem-solving and lifelong learning. We will maintain a balance between the applied and theoretical aspects, and will strive to provide pre-professional employment (either research experiences or internships).

Educational Objectives:

  1. Students completing the B.S. program will be competitive with graduates of similar EAC-ABET-accredited programs nationally.
  2. A significant proportion of our graduates will secure admission to a graduate program.
  3. The program will continue to make significant contributions to the minority B.S. degree pool in metallurgical and materials engineering or related materials fields.