Welcome to Military Science

Army ROTC is an excellent career opportunity for individuals with the desire to learn leadership and organizational skills that will serve them throughout life. With the rising costs of education, ROTC offers excellent scholarship opportunities for young men and women. My goal at UTEP is to make Army ROTC as visible and accessible as possible while creating a culture of excellence to offer the best possible environment for cadets/students to train and develop.  I see each Military Science faculty member as a "Career Counselor" assisting cadets/students navigate their way through the challenges of College Life. Our learning focus is on "Officership," and we will continue to produce quality men and women as Second Lieutenants into the best Army in the World.

“The Nurse Summer Training Program allowed me to experience things I could not get in the civilian sector. I was able to work over 148 hours of clinical in the Intensive Care Unit with an outstanding preceptor, who prepared me for my ICU rotation back on campus. During this experience I got the opportunity to care for critical patients as well as create and present an in-service on chest tubes. This has been my overall best experience with the ROTC program. Hooha Nurse Corps!“
Cadet Yesenia Byrne
El Paso, Texas