Clinical Compliance

Clinical Compliance Manual

The Clinical Compliance Office is responsible for the delivering of Clinical Clearance Attestation forms to area agencies and outside clinical affiliates. This involves the ongoing interaction with clinical agencies to confirm availability, accuracy, appropriateness, and ease of placements within a variety of settings. Coordination of Clinical Compliance involves management of corresponding databases, document management systems and agency contracts. Clinical experience activities include involvement with the health industry, community, education centers, and public agencies dedicated to addressing allied health issues that can help persons move into successful careers.

Lorenza (Lori) De Los Santos
Graduate Program Compliance Coordinator.
CHSSON Building, Rm. 382.
Phone: 915-747-8293
Email: .

Sylvia Arras-Allen
Compliance Coordinator/Compliance Assistant.
CHSSON Building, Rm. 354-HCHSSON Building
Phone: 915-747-7241
Fax: 915-747-6384