Welcome to the College of Science

Dr.kirkenWithin these pages are links to careers in all areas of Science and Mathematics, including exciting new fields of Forensic Science and Bioinformatics. Whether you are just out of high school or already have some college credit, we have Bachelor of Science degree programs that will make the most of your experience and advanced course credit.

If you are still considering multiple career goals, we can help with opportunities for real experiences in teaching, research, or medicine. If your accomplishments and focus means that post-graduate education is a certainty, ask about our accelerated programs leading to Master of Science and to Medical degrees. Come be a part of UTEPs transition to a National Research Laboratory! If your dreams include science or mathematics, this is the place to start making those dreams a reality!

Dr. Robert Kirken, Dean
College of Science

Upcoming Events

"DNA Nanodevices for Cell Specific Cargo Delivery in Live Organisms"

Yamuna Krishnan, University of Chicago
Friday, March the 24th., 2017
CCSB G.0208 @ 4 pm

  • "Bioinformatics and computational approaches provide insights into the ecology of Lyme disease"

    Dr. Camilo Khatchikian, Department of biological science, UTEP
    Friday, March the 24th., 2017
    Bell Hall 143 @ 10:30 am

Student Spotlight

Andrea Hernandez
Daniel Najera