Endowments are permanent, named funds at the University in which the principal is invested and a percentage of the earned income is distributed each year. Gifts for permanent or endowed funds are reviewed and accepted by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System. Permanent endowments are administered by the UT System Office of Estates and Trusts.

Endowment funds are invested in the Long Term Fund and managed by UTIMCO, the investment management arm of the UT System. Distributions from each endowment are made quarterly to the component named as beneficiary for use as directed by the donor at the time of the acceptance of the gift. By system-wide policy, the Long Term Fund is invested with the objective of total return. A portion of the return is retained in the principal of the individual fund to offset the effects of inflation and permit some growth in the fund.

In general, endowment opportunities fall into these categories:

  • student scholarships and fellowships
  • program endowments and excellence funds
  • endowed chairs and professorships

Professorships and Chairs

The Shigeko K. Chan Distinguished Professorship in Mathematical Sciences is used to attract and/or retain talented and promising academicians in the field of mathematical sciences.

The Dr. C. Sharp Cook Chair in Physics is used to supplement the salary of the holder of the Dr. C. Sharp Cook professorship in the Department of Physics.

The Lloyd A. Nelson Professorship in Geology is used to add to a regular budgeted salary to install an eminent geologist as the Lloyd A. Nelson Professor of Geology.

The Rho Sigma Tau-Robert L. Schumaker Endowed Professorship in Physics is used to recognize and reward a faculty member from the Department of Physics selected for excellence in teaching..

The J. Edward and Helen M. C. Stern Endowed Professorship in Neuro-Science is used to create the J. Edward and Helen M. C. Stern Endowed Professorship and support an individual whose scholarship and/or research focuses on basic and applied neuropsychiatric science.

The Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry provides a faculty position for a research scientist in chemistry and allied sciences.


The Dr. James W. Whalen Endowed Memorial Lecture Series- funds distributed from this endowment are used to develop a lecture series that brings regional and nationally acclaimed speakers to the Department of Chemistry.

The Fessinger-Springer Lectureship Fund is used for inviting distinguished members of the scientific community lecture and meet with members of the university faculty, alumni, students and guests once a year.

The Hazel Hervey Endowed Fund are used by the Department of History to provide an annual speaker in the subject area of Middle Eastern and Islamic History and to support the Department of Biological Sciences.


The Bette D. Hervey Endowed Fund for the UTEP Chemistry Department is used to maintain and upgrade Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) equipment.

The Kresge Foundation Endowment are used for the upkeep of the Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility.

Programmatic Support and Excellence Funds

The Jacob S. and Nancy F. Heydemann Endowed Student Excellence Fund supports the Medical Professions Institute.

The Dr. John M. Hills Memorial Fund in Geology is used to support activities in the Department of Geological Sciences.

The Verna O'Neill and Helen Lawrence Indio Mountains Research Station Endowment Fund supports educational and research activities, and site improvements.

The Miguel Izquierdo Teaching Excellence Award Fund provides an annual teaching excellence award to an outstanding professor of electrical engineering or physics.

The Dr. Edwin J. Knapp Memorial Fund is used to purchase equipment, support text book and manual preparation, provide scholarships and purchase books for the library.

The Dr. William N. McAnulty Endowed Memorial Fund in Geological Sciences is used for grants to graduate students in the Department of Geological Sciences and departmental expenses.

The Dr. Howard E. Quinn Memorial Fund is used by the Department of Geological Sciences.

The Shen-Lee Endowment Fund is used to support activities promoting understanding of East Asia and academic scholarships for graduate students pursuing degrees in mathematics or accounting.

The Haigh-Sauer Fund is distributed among the Department of Geological Sciences, the College of Engineering, the UTEP Library and the Alumni Fund for Excellence.

The Bristol/Mayberry Endowed Award Fund is used to provide competitive awards outstanding biology, microbiology or environmental science students with a concentration in biology.

The College of Science Endowment is used by the Dean of the College of Science.

The Bruce Cameron M.D. Endowed Student Excellence Fund is used by the Dean of the College of Science to enhance the academic experience of students enrolled in the pre-med program.

The Rayburn Ray Excellence Endowment for the Medical Professions Institute supports academic programs, scholarships and activities at the Medical Professions Institute.

The Dr. Earl Lovejoy Excellence Endowment is used to support student programs and activities in the Geological Sciences Department.

The Wiemer Family Student Endowment for Excellence is used by the College of Science to support graduate students.

The Peer Led Team Learning Program for Excellence supports development of highly trained undergraduate science students from the Chemistry Department to conduct and assess learning activities in university classes and to support outreach into K-12 classrooms.