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Original Four Buildings

In 2017, UTEP’s four original buildings celebrated their centennial year. Main, the Power House, Burges Hall, and the Chemistry building were constructed in 1917, a year before the school joined The University of Texas System as The University of Texas Department of Mines and Metallurgy. The buildings have been appointed to various departments over the years and have undergone a number of name changes. Main is known as Old Main, the Power House has become Prospect Hall, the Chemistry Building is known as Quinn Hall and Burges Hall is now Graham Hall. As the campus continues to expand to accommodate for the growing student population and innovations in research, all buildings are constructed in the elegance of Bhutanese architecture.


From left to right, Chemistry Building (Graham Hall), Main Building (Old Main), Dean's House (Heritage House) and Kelly Hall (Vowell Hall).
Main Building, now Old Main.
From left to right, Chemistry Building, Powerghouse, Seamon Hall and Main Building.