Entomology Collections

The Mackay Laboratory of Myrmecology is overseen by William P. Mackay and has a mission to advance the understanding of ants through research on their taxonomy, systematics and ecology. The Mackay Lab’s vision is to accomplish revisions of notoriously difficult genera through the tools of field collection, comparison of specimens with types, and by the determination of evolutionary relationships of species through cladistic analyses. The objective of this research is to facilitate the development of functional taxonomies with identification keys to species accompanied by illustrations. Myrmecological research is focused primarily on Neotropical taxa, but the scope of the collection is worldwide.

 In addition to the Mackay Laboratory of Myrmecology, The UTEP Biodiversity Collections includes an insect and arthropod collection. Data for most entomological collections is currently unavailable online but is scheduled for entry into Arctos in early 2018.  Please contact a collection curator or the collections manager for information related to the entomology collection.

UTEP-BC Entomology Collection