Vertebrate Paleobiology

The Vertebrate Paleobiology collections concentrate on Southwestern Pleistocene fossils, primarily from New Mexican cave faunas. This emphasis reflects the research interests of the curator, Arthur H. Harris, who has maintained and added to the collections since their initial organization in 1965. More than 23,000 lots (over 40,000 individual specimens) are in the computerized catalogue. The UTEP Biodiversity Collections currently is a repository for large numbers of specimens from lands of the Bureau of Land Management and sites under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense. The UTEP-BC Fossil Colelctions are searchable on Arctos. Although taxonomy, specimen identifications and associated data are constantly reviewed, errors such as outdated names, mistaken identifications and erroneous collection event information do occur in our database. Investigators should verify identifications by examination of specimens. 

UTEP-BC Fossil collection