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UTEP CARESInternship Program Organization Partners



Organizations are Invited to Apply to Host Student Interns


Local public, private, and non-profit organizations are invited to apply to host UTEP student interns under the UTEP CARES Regional Internship Program.

Participating partners will host and mentor students for a period of 16 weeks (January through April). UTEP students are paid from the UTEP CARES Act funding with no cost-sharing requirements from partners. Partners are asked to support students through mentorship and a structured work-experience where the student(s) develops relevant/in-demand employment skills while adding value to the organization. Organizations are required to submit internship job descriptions that detail projects that can be accomplished by students through the duration of the internship (16 weeks).

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) and the University Career Center (UCC) are co-leads for this exciting new initiative. Partner organizations will receive training, support, and on-going communication from members of these university centers. Questions about the program can be directed to

Open to:

  • Small businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • State and local public entities

* Organizations and businesses affected operationally by COVID-19 will be prioritized.

Organizations that are approved to host an intern are required to:

  • Post their intern job description(s) via Job Mine
  • Interview and select their intern(s) by December 11, 2020.
  • Appoint a supervisor who will serve as a liaison between the student intern(s) and UTEP.
  • Commit to a mandatory program orientation. *
  • Participate in an evaluation process at the midpoint and end of the internship period.
  • Provide workspace and a safe environment for student intern(s).
    • Observe COVID-19 Guidelines if applicable (
  • Provide guidance and direction for the work to be completed in 18 hours a week
  • Host the internship in an on-line setting, or an on-site setting which adheres to CDC Guidelines
  • Submit an evaluation on the student and the program
  • Communicate regularly with the CCE/ UCC
  • Participate in student showcase (date to be determined)

*Please note, additional/required training may begin once student(s) is hired.

FALL 2020

October 15 CARES Regional Internship Program launch
October 30 Priority submission deadline. Organizations that submit applications by this deadline will receive a notification if accepted by November 4.
October - early November Submissions will be considered until all internships are filled.
November 16 - November 20 Organizations post their internship job descriptions via UTEP’s Job Mine job board and conduct student interviews.
November 23 - December 2 Student intern selections made and communicated to


January Mandatory partner orientation training.
Dates for trainings will be announced in early January. Multiple trainings will be made available to accommodate schedules.
January 19 Expected internship start date (once all clearances are made with UTEP Human Resources and CARES Engagement Coaches.)
January through April 30 Duration of the internship. Students are expected to attend professional development trainings offered on a monthly basis
Week of May 4 Student and Partner evaluations due
(date to be determined) Student will present at a showcase on internship experience. Partners are invited to attend and support their student(s).


To apply, complete the online application ( The application includes the following questions and we recommend you complete the information in a separate Word document and then copy/paste onto the form.

  1. Organization contact information & mission
  2. Brief information of clientele served
  3. Mentor/Supervisor contact Information (should also be point of contact)
  4. Job description for the proposed CARES student intern position. Be sure to include goals and specific objectives to be completed or achieved by the student (250-400 words)
  5. List skills relevant for this position.
  6. How do you foresee the student impacting your organization and its mission?
  7. What kind of skills, knowledge, and abilities do you anticipate the student will gain from working with the organization? Please review skills listed below informed by the NACE Competencies and the UTEP EDGE.

    UTEP students will graduate with these skills:

    • Leadership
    • Problem-solving
    • Communication
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Social responsibility

    • Confidence
    • Global awareness
    • Teamwork
    • Critical thinking

  8. Indicate days and times available for student intern(s) work schedule
    1. Please note that student intern(s) are expected to work approximately 18 hours a week with 1 hour dedicated to programming requirements (reflection, timesheets, professional development). Total of 19 hrs weekly.
  9. Number of positions you would like to be considered for
  10. How is your organization able to accommodate student intern(s)?
    1. Remotely
    2. On site
    3. Both
    4. Other – If a requirement comes down to move to remote work, what process do you have in place to switch?
  11. Which method is preferred?
    1. Remote
    2. Onsite
  12. Any additional information you would like for us to consider while reviewing your application.

To apply please complete the CARES Intern Partner Application available at  

If you have any other questions contact,

COVID-19 Guidelines: For Spring 2021 semester

The CCE has determined important guidelines to follow with regards to COVID-19 for both CARES student interns and community partners participating in our UTEP CARES Internship Program. See guidelines.

COVID guidelines

During the Spring 2021 semester, organizations have the option to host a CARES student intern on-site or remotely. If your organization decides to host a student on-site, please note that all COVID-19 guidelines must be followed.

CDC guidelines to be observed (current as of October 1, 2020):

  • Face coverings are required in common areas and hand washing is enforced.
  • Social distancing MUST be followed. Please ensure that all student interns are placed in environments where a physical space of 6 feet separation between others is maintained.
  • Student Interns who are at increased risk of severe illness, or who work in offices where close proximity makes social distancing difficult, must discuss options for adjusting office locations, telework, or working from home with their supervisor.
  • Student employees should complete work remotely whenever possible, working with their supervisor to substitute alternate assignments that can be completed remotely if regular responsibilities are not suited to remote work.
  • To work remotely, all student interns need a computer, WIFI hotspot or internet connection, and phone access. If a student employee does not have access to a computer or hotspot, they can contact the Technology Support Department to discuss the options available to them.