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Pedro Attaguile | El Paso Children's Hospital Foundation

In my internship with the El Paso Children's Hospital Foundation, I experienced a profound development of confidence. Each month held different challenges, but I was able to learn and fail in a safe space. The team shared with me their sincere personalities and trusted my skillset for a variety of projects. Thank you to the foundation and UTEP CARES team for the wonderful experience!

Milca Morales | Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center

As a social work intern at Las Americas, I have learned about the challenges that immigrants undergo. It is a privilege to be able to provide clients the tools and resources necessary to succeed in the country. This experience has given me the passion to advocate for them in the future.

Maria Gutierrez | Opportunity Center for the Homeless

Doing my practicum at the Opportunity Center for the Homeless and participating at UTEP CARES Internship was the best decision I could have made. The UTEP CARES allowed me to not only work in the field, but also gain experience and confidence. The professional development also increased my competencies and improved my leadership and communication skills needed to have a successful career.

Luisa Arrieta | LOI Engineers

As a civil engineering intern at LOI Engineers, I have learned a lot from work experience in Construction Material Testing to learning how to express myself and my ideas in a professional setting. I am very thankful for this opportunity UTEP along with LOI Engineers provided me with!

Marisol Jacquez | Alzheimer's Association

Through creating spreadsheets for potential collaborations, I have contributed to the vision of the Alzheimer’s Association by finding ways to increase community outreach. Additionally, attending and participating in the annual Community Leaders Summit, I connected with other volunteers across the nation and learned new skills to provide better care and support for individuals with dementia. This has been a valuable learning experience for me and aligns with my professional goals.

Corina Marrufo | El Paso Child Guidance Center

My internship has taught me about trauma-informed care (TIC) service delivery. I had the enjoyment to learn and participate in interventions, such as body-based wellness education, TIC training, psychoeducational groups, along outreach & research! TIC is an essential quality I take away with me for the future!

America Ogaz | Center Against Family Violence

Working at CASFV has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. These past months I've learned so much about nonprofit organizations, the amazing work they do, and how it feels to work in such an accepting and loving environment. I thank UTEP CARES INTERNSHIP for giving me the opportunity to discover my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, and for allowing me to be part of this program.

Ruben Cardoso | Insights El Paso Science Center

Having the opportunity to be an intern at Insights El Paso Science Center has taught me many things. It has made my professional skills grow and overall has made me fall in love with my passion. This has been a great opportunity to diversify my portfolio in many ways!

Clarissa Boone | Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center

This internship has been one of the greatest opportunities I've had since it provided me with the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue a future career in law. Las Americas gave me valuable knowledge and experiences, but mostly a sense of humility from learning about the cases and procedures that real people have to go through as immigrants. I am beyond grateful to UTEP CARES for making such an easy process for the students to expand their horizons even when we couldn’t exit our houses.

Cynthia Sustaita| El Paso County Office of New Americans

I’m an intern with the El Paso County Office of New Americans and I've had a wonderful experience during this internship. I’ve had the opportunity of taking part in various projects that benefit the community, but most importantly I’ve been volunteering weekly at the port of entry to welcome incoming immigrants and assist them in any way possible.

Karina Damian Carmona | Medical Center of the Americas Foundation

Being an intern with the MCA Foundation, by far, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate studies at UTEP. Day by day, I have the privilege to see my community be transformed into a life sciences ecosystem, be surrounded by a team of hardworking individuals, and acquire new skills.

Ariadne Reveles | Brokers Logistics, Ltd.

The CARES Internship program has been a phenomenal stepping stone in my career path as an Industrial and Systems engineer. I have been able to apply all the theories and countless hours I have dedicated to studying into the real world. This internship has greatly opened many other opportunities such as a full-time job after I graduate, and countless meaningful relationships I will forever cherish.

Rodrigo Sanchez-Crespo | Medical Center of the Americas Foundation

I’m currently working at the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation. During my internship with the MCA I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge, by approaching more into the biomedical field and health innovation. It has been a great opportunity, and my goals are to continue learning and growing on my career path.